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A Broken Kind Of Beautiful by Katie Ganshert is the story of Ivy Clark, a high fashion model who is "past her prime" at age 25.  Desperate to take keep her creed going, she takes a job as a model for her stepmother's bridal line.  BUt being back in Greenbriar, South Carolina brings up bitter memories of her father.  She gets to know Davis Knight while she is there, but through it all she can't seem to get past her own emptiness, until she finally realizes she can find the unconditional love she always wanted in a relationship with God.

I really enjoyed this book!  I was afraid at first that all the focus on the emptiness of Ivy's lifestyle would make the book depressing, but I actually thought the book was a very interesting read, with a lot of truths scattered in.  I liked the way the author developed the relationship between Ivy and Davis - it was a sweet love story, without being too obvious.  However, their story was not the main focus of the book - the other relationships were just as much a focus point, and just as interesting.  Ganshert is very good at portraying character development (which I like).

I also felt like the overall story was very touching.  Throughout the book Ivy has a hard time believing God could love her unconditionally because no one in her life has ever loved her like that - but as a reader, you know that Marilyn, her stepmother, has had a deep love for her from the time she was a little girl, and she repeatedly shows her love even when Ivy pushes her away.  By the end of the book Ivy finally realizes that Marilyn has shown her the kind of love she always wanted, and if Marilyn could love her, mane God would too.  I felt like crying at that breakthrough, because int he first part of the book I wanted to shake Ivy for not seeing how much her stepmother cared.  It was just really sweet.
Anyway, I'd definitely recommend this book, and now I want to read more from Katie Ganshert!

Note: I received this book for free from Waterbrook Multonomah in exchange for this review.  This is my honest opinion.
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Melanie said...

That sounds like my kind of book!!

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