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A few weeks before Wyatt turned a year old, I bought a DSLR.  Through that first year of his life I just found myself repeatedly frustrated with how slow my point and shoot was, and I wanted to be able to blur the background in my pictures, so I bought a refurbished Nikon.  I didn't even want to tell anemone I got it at first, because I was afraid they would be expecting amazing pictures right away, and I knew that having a good camera wasn't all there was to getting good photos.  But I practiced, and I think I've slowly gotten better.

I've been using it for taking pictures of the kids ever since, but there have been many times when I have found myself losing inspiration.  Sometimes I won't even pull my camera out for weeks at a time.   I'll feel like I have no new ideas, or I get frustrated that my pictures aren't turning out exactly like I want, but I hate it when I lose momentum because I want to document my kids' lives.

It's at times like those that I look for books like "Your Family In Pictures" by Me Ra Koh.  This book has so many inspiring photos, with basic "photo recipes" for each section.  She includes her camera settings and tips for setting up the photo and getting the effect you want.  Throughout this book she also includes tips for getting good pictures with a point and shoot and smartphones, so you don't have to own a DSLR to benefit from this book.

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(This is a picture I took of Gwen and Derek when Gwen was a newborn, inspired by a different book from Me Ra Koh.  I'm a fan.)

I think my favorite thing about this book is all the tips she shares for capturing who people are through photos by strategizing to catch them in moments that show their personalities or interest.  After reading this book I feel more inspired to not only capture my kids' personalities, but also to take more pictures of my husband, and even myself!

I think whether you are a beginner at photograph or have a lot of experience, you will find useful tips and inspiration from this book.  If you want to take better pictures of the people you love most, this is definitely one to check out!

Note:  I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for this review. This is my honest opinion.
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Melanie said...

I have seen little commercials of hers in between Makayla's cartoons..she has AMAZING ideas! Had no idea she has books out..I'd LOVE to have one of hers! Will have to look it up sometime! BTW..great picture of Gwen!

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