Christmas Printables And Updates


When I was a girl, one of my favorite Christmas songs was "Silver Bells".  Now I'm not exactly sure why, but it just seemed to usher in the Christmas season for me.

Last year I put together these lyrics to Silver Bells with the intention of using the lettering to create a painted Christmas sign - but the sign never got finished, and I lost my motivation.  So this year, I changed up the file a bit and made printables instead!  I think they look pretty cute with my poinsettia flowers that Derek got me a few years ago, my little snowmen figurines that were a gift from my sister, and some Walmart sparkly ornaments stringed up on my wall.


Lately I've been working on getting a blog newsletter going - my plan is to send out a newsletter once a month or so, and I'll include personal updates and pictures, links to some of my more popular posts that month, links to other articles that I've liked, and the occasional freebie.  I am excited about this new project!

And you are in luck, because if you sign up for my newsletter before the end of December, I'll send give you this set of printables!  Consider it a thank-you-for-reading-and-signing-up-and-merry-Christmas gift.  You can sign up below, and then keep an eye out for the printables in your inbox!  You can either sign up for the monthly version, or you can sign up to get a weekly roundup of posts from the blog instead.

Speaking of personal updates, I think I might have some good news on the job front for Derek - I don't want to say too much yet just in case it doesn't work out, but things are looking promising - keep us in your prayers, and I'll post an update (if there is anything to tell) next week!


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
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Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

The set up looks lovely, Callie!! I love your style!
Praying for good news on the job front :)

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