Snowdrop Cookie Recipe


The other day I made Wyatt and Gwen some Christmas cookies, and appropriately the song "Christmas Cookies" came on the radio.  That is one of those songs that always gets stuck in my head.  The rest of the afternoon I was singing "I sure do like those Christmas cookies, Sugar.  I sure do like those Christmas cookies, Babe" to Wyatt.

After Wyatt's nap that day, he came out of his room, climbed up on the couch, and said "Can I have some Christmas cookies babe?"  So apparently Christmas cookies in general are now called "Christmas cookies babe"!  He is just so cute.

One of my favorite kinds of Christmas cookies ever is Snowdrop cookies.  They are kind of like a meringue cookie, but they aren't just crumbly, they are actually a little chewy too,  It's hard to explain, but they are so good.  I have a horrible time making them because I don't have enough patience to beat them long enough, but Derek always makes them perfectly - so now I just make him make them every December, naturally.  If they look familiar, you might recognize them from our Christmas gender reveal party last year.

This is the recipe - we have been making it since I was a girl, so I don't know where it came from originally, or if it was just passed down through the family.  If anyone has seen this recipe before, I would love to know the original source.  One big bonus to this recipe for all of you who are gluten intolerant is that it is already mostly gluten-free.  As long as you use chocolate chips that do not have gluten, you are good to go.


Snowdrop Cookies

2 egg whites
¾ tsp. cream of tartar
¾ c. sugar
1 c. chocolate chips

1. Preheat oven to 350 F. Take out the oven racks and place foil over them before heating the oven. Leave the racks out of the oven.

2.  Beat egg whites with hand mixer until foamy. Add cream of tartar; beat until stiff. Slowly beat in sugar; beat until stiff (the mixture will form little soupy peaks). Add chocolate chips and stir to mix them in.

3. Place by teaspoon on foil-covered racks and put racks in oven. Turn oven OFF. Leave overnight.

4.  Wake up in the morning and enjoy!



On a sidenote - the kids are getting to the age where I have to start thinking about how to handle Santa as a Christian mom. Do you have any thoughts?  You can read what I think about the Santa question on the Tommy Nelson blog!
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Veronica and Daniel said...

I have to be honest...I don't know if I have enough patience to wait OVER NIGHT for these yummy looking treats! I do love that they are gluten free :)

Emily grapes said...

I grew up never believing in Santa. I don't know how my parents did it, actually, but we were never deprived or one of those who blurted out to other kids that believed that he wasn't real, bursting their little bubbles. It was such a normal thing. Even though we knew the truth, my parents still had fun with things by issuing one of us as "Santa" to pass out the presents. And some gifts would be from "santa" (granted we were older at this point), as a fun joke. I think they were just honest with us, explaining that Christmas was about Jesus, and not about a pretend character.

Caits said...

I had no idea what you were talking about with the Christmas cookies song... but today I just heard it on the radio and was all like, hey! That sounds familiar!! :)

Kate Craig said...

I love meringues, and I love the idea of chocolate chips! Neither of our parents did Santa growing up, so it wasn't even a discussion. But I remember, as a kid, wondering if Santa was a "bad" thing and if it was okay for me to make Santa crafts at school, etc. So I don't think I want to avoid Santa, but we won't do gifts from him either. I think it's really easy to treat him like a character. Little kids at Disney World think they are meeting real princesses, even though their parents have never said that. This year Kylie mainly knows him as a character from Rudolph

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