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I just finished reading Women Are Scary: The Totally Awkward Adventure Of Finding Mom Friends by Melanie Dale. I think it’s funny that I have read two different friendship books so close together (the other was Heart Sisters), because it gives me a chance to compare them.  If Heart Sisters was a guide to deepening your friendships, I think this would be more of a guide to forming friendships.  Dale takes you through that awkward first phase when you know nothing about each other with humorous tips on how to take your “mom dating” friendships to the next level.

I think the subtitle does describe some of my feelings about this book pretty well - I felt like much of it was awkward.  Dale uses a dating, first-base, second-base, etc. metaphor to describe the different stages of forming friendships with other moms.  That was just an awkward comparison to me to start with, and Dale’s sense of humor thrives on awkward, so the awkwardness was just emphasized.  If you like that kind of humor, you probably would love this book.  For me, I thought the dating comparisons bordered on inappropriate at times, especially in today’s world where references to homosexuality abound.  She wasn’t suggesting anything of the sort in the actual meat of this book, but that’s why I found it hard to relax and enjoy reading it.  Plus, I’m just not a potty-humor kind of person, and those jokes are prevalent.  Dale self-identifies as “gross”, so you can get an idea of some of the humor.

That said, I did think a lot of the situations and movie references in the book were funny!  I thought there were many useful tips and inspirations for making friends scattered throughout, as well as just commonsense advice about how to handle certain difficult situations with friends.  Her stories were hilarious, and if you have ever had an awkward friendship moment, you can read this book and know you are not alone.  It made me think about and appreciate the friends I have who have stuck with me through all these stages, and it was good inspiration to put the effort in with some ladies I haven’t known as long.  I’m not sure I would necessarily recommend this book just because of some of the humor, but it kept me interested and I did enjoy it.

Note: I received a copy of this book for free from BookLook in exchange for this review - this is my honest opinion.
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