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Do you have one of those friends who will always stand by you - who you just know will be a friend all your life because you have gone through the ups and downs together?  Someone who will challenge you, tell you the truth in love, and be the first one to offer help when you need it?

Natalie Chambers Snapp calls this kinds of friends “heart sisters” in her book by the same name.  I think most people are lucky to have one or two of those kinds of friends in their lifetime, but you can greatly increase your chance of having a “heart sister” if you learn how to be one first.  Snapp’s book is perfect for just that.

Heart Sisters isn’t so much about making friends as it is about recognizing the really good ones when you have them, and learning to be one yourself.  Snap covers all the characteristics of a “heart sister”, things heart sisters do and don’t do.  She talks about walking through conflict with heart sisters.  She talks about forgiveness, and she talks about how to train our daughters to be good friends as well.

Snapp’s heart for changing the culture of female friendships to be a culture of encouragement was very clear throughout this book, and I appreciated so much of her advice!  I especially appreciated everything she had to say about conflict and forgiveness, which were major themes throughout the book.  I think she focused on these so much because in order to be a good heart sister, you need to know how to deal with difficult or hurtful situations when they arise - and if you handle them poorly you can lose any chance you had at forming that close friendship that might have been possible.  I appreciated a lot of her advice on conflict resolution between friends, because though I’ve had to walk through it like so many women, I am not sure I have ever really read a book or article about it, and Snapp offers sound biblical wisdom on these subjects, and several others.

If you are looking for advice on how to form friendships, Heart Sisters is probably not quite the book you are looking for - but if you would like to deepen the friendships that you already have, this is the perfect book to read!

Note: I received this book for free from Litfuse Publicity in exchange for a review.  This is my honest opinion.
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