Crazy Little Thing Called Love Review

Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Beth K. Vogt starts with Vanessa Hollister flying to Florida to start planning her destination to her fiancĂ©, but while she is there, she runs into her ex-husband, Logan.  The two are forced to spend time together by a hurricane, and their time together leaves Vanessa confused about who she should really marry.

I liked the way this book was written in that it told the current story and flashbacks to Logan and Vanessa's history.  I thought it was a good way to fill in the back story and let us get to know the characters better.  The pace of the book seemed just right - it kept me interested while I was reading, but it wasn't too difficult to put down when I needed to (which is nice for SAHMs).

I liked the characters in general, but I had a hard time relating to the main character for most of the book.  She kind of frustrated me with how much she isolated herself from other people.  It was explained that she struggled with forming long-term relationships because of constant moves growing up, but I felt like she didn't resolve that struggle before the end of the book.  It was kind of just glossed over, and I felt like it seemed like a big enough issue that there should have been more of a resolution.  If this was a real-life situation, it seems like counseling might have been in order.  She also never really took any responsibility for the mistakes she made that led to her divorce from Logan, and that bothered me, because it was a two-way street.

I was very happy with the ending of the book though, and I love the author included the wedding day details in the end of the story.  Overall, I enjoyed it!  I am curious to see if the rest of the series will be related and which characters Vogt focuses on for the other books in this series!

Note: I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for this review - this is my honest opinion.
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