A Letter To My {Future} Teenage Daughters

When I was a little girl, my mom had a notebook that she used to write down some of the cute things that I did.  As I was sorting through my baby box a couple years ago, I found it and started reading through it.  In addition to all the words about my cuteness (which was abundant - what can I say?), my mom also wrote notes of different things she was thinking and feeling through my toddler years.  I loved reading through it.

For my own kids I have used my blog in a similar way, keeping track of my thoughts during their growing up years.  But there was something special about holding that notebook, and reading the words written in my mom's handwriting. 

I want to leave something like that for my kids - an actual notebook with my thoughts, little daily remembrances, and a few letters as well.  I want something for my kids to hold and look through when they are adults, so they have a tangible reminder of my dreams and love for them.

I feel like finding a good notebook to use for a project like that is the hardest part - but I have found a gorgeous line of notebooks that fit the bill, at least for my girls!  These notebooks jumped out at me at Mardel's the other day.  Sadie Robertson and Dayspring have recently come out with an inspirational line of notebooks and other school supplies, the Live Original line, and they are perfect for a project like this!

There are so many gorgeous products in this line, and I found myself not only buying two notebooks, but Scripture cards and sticky notes as well.  I think the Scripture cards will be perfect to use as bookmarks, to tuck in the pages of the notebooks as a fun surprise for my girls, or as gifts for friends and family!  And the sticky notes - they were just too fun to pass up!

I love what a good role model Sadie Robertson is to teenage girls, and I hope that my girls have someone in the culture that they can look up to when they reach that age.  But for now, I wanted to write a letter for my daughters to read when they become teenagers.  This is what I am writing in each of their notebooks.


My Sweet Daughters,

As I sit here, getting ready to write this letter, I realize that by the time you are ready to read this, I will be nearing 40 years old.  That probably seems terribly old to you, and indeed by the time I'm forty I expect to have forgotten much of what it is like to be your age.  But I am not forty years old as I type this.  I am over halfway to thirty, but not even ten years removed from my high school graduation.  And though the memories have started to fade, I still remember what it felt like to be a teenager.

It was hard, those teenage years.  You want so badly to be considered an adult, to have your opinions matter, but you are still in the process of forming those opinions.  You are still figuring out who you are.

My early teenage years were awkward.  From the braces that graced my pearly whites, to the frizzy hair, to the painful struggles to figure out my sense of fashion.  I remember how badly I just wanted to fit in, to feel like I belonged in a group, to be noticed by the boys, to be as fill-in-the-blank as the other girls around me.

I want to tell you that I remember that.  But I also want to tell you that even though every one else's opinions of you seem so important right now, they won't always be.  You don't have to make fitting in your goal.  My desire for you, my precious girls, during these tumultuous teenage years, is to learn to shine.

God has a unique plan for you, something you might not even picture for yourself right now.  My heart's desire for my precious girls is that you will know the truth, and that you will know Jesus.  That you will cling to Him as you figure out who you are.  As you figure out who He wants you to be.  

When you are a teenager, it feels like the right clothes or makeup will make you attractive, like if you just spiff up the outside a bit, someone will recognize that you have something special.  But do you know that you are already so unique?  God made you an original.  That is already who you are.  

You know what makes a girl really beautiful?  When she can be confident knowing that she is treasured by the King of the Universe, and that He has something planned for her.  That He has a role for her in this temporary world that no one else can fill.

I pray for you that you will be able to find that confidence.  I pray you will draw close to God and let Him show you His plans.  Then I hope you will chase wildly after those plans He has for you, no matter where they may take you.  Keep your eye on the long game, my girls.  Don't try to fit in.  Be original and shine.  Because who you are?  You will only truly figure that out when you are looking at Jesus.

I love you more than I can ever tell you.



It can be so hard to write just one letter for my daughters when they are teenagers, because there are so many things that teenage girls have to deal with these days - and the pressures might only get worse as my girls grow.  I would like to write more letters in the future, that address more specific issues, but the whole idea of "Live Original" was inspiring to me, and seemed like a good place to start!

What kinds of things would you tell your daughters when they reach the teenage years?  What do you wish you knew when you were a teenager?  I'd love more ideas to get the letter-writing juices flowing!

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Dana Brillante-Peller said...

I love this tradition! (and I am obsessed with notebooks and those are adorable!)

Callie Nicole said...

Aren't they cute? I love pretty notebooks!

Serene Mom said...

This is such a beautiful thing to do for your daughters. I love when loved ones handwrite letters, it's something so personal and magical about it. I'm doing something similar for my kids :)

Erin @ Love Peace Beauty said...

Those notebooks are beautiful! This letter is beautiful and spoken from the heart - how true it is to be original and shine, but so hard at that age!

MrsBarBelle said...

I love this idea! Just pinned it to remember and I've gotta get my hands on those journals. Thanks so much for sharing and what great photos to also tuck in there.

Katie Brooks said...

Wow I love this idea! I have a 20 month old and I really need to do this! I love those notebooks too! Your daughter is going to be so happy to read this!

Callie Nicole said...

I think it is such a special thing to look back on later!

Callie Nicole said...

It can be really hard at that age - some girls can learn to be themselves despite all the teenage pressures, but I think even then it takes a few years.

Callie Nicole said...

Thank you! And that is a great idea to put photos in the notebooks too, I'll have to remember to do that!

Callie Nicole said...

I think it will be special for her to be able to look back on later!

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