What I Never Knew About Being An Aunt

What I Never Knew About Being An Aunt | Through Clouded Glass

"We're having a baby!"

As those words fell joyfully from my sister's lips, I began a journey that has been one of my most treasured aspects of my life. I gained a title before my name and it changed my world. 

"You get to have all the fun of kids and at the end of the night you get to give them back!"

This is the tongue in cheek attitude towards being an aunt that everyone talks about, 

but there is so much more that no one ever discusses. 

 So much I wish I knew...

What I Never Knew About Being An Aunt | Through Clouded Glass

It is a responsibility.

Yes, you get to play and no, you don't have to tackle all the hard topics, but you are a figure of authority and an example to your nieces and nephews. They will be watching you and looking up to you. They also will love you and with that great love you will feel the weight of the responsibility to be the best role model you can be.

It is hard. 

Your feelings can be hurt by a two-year old. Your sibling may have a different parenting style or rules that you have to respect. You may loose your temper or get annoyed by that sweet cherub. You may get stuck in the car alone with the four year old trying to understand their  world and all they want to know is, "Why?" It will be okay, it is hard, but it will be okay.

Family dynamics will change and relationships will deepen.

You look into that tiny face and you will see your sister, uncle, mother...brother-in-law, and then something completely unfamiliar a member of a family tree you have never seen. That child truly is the mother and father becoming one in a new life and everyone has a new role. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. You all have to learn about your new role and responsibilities. You get to go through this learning process together, as a family. You will learn more about each other and be given the opportunity to love each other more despite the challenges. This learning and growing process will also bring your in-law even more deeply into the family unit.

Traditions will change.

When you were younger your grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, and your immediate family took center stage. With the creation of the new immediate family of your sibling the focus of the parents will shift to the new set of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Some of the extended family traditions may change or fade away all together. It is hard to move forward, but you are all providing the opportunity for a new generation to experience old and new family traditions.

Your heart will grow and keep growing.

The moment your sibling places their child in your arms and calls you Aunt for the very first time is a moment that breaks your heart with joy. In that same instant your heart gets sewn back together in such a way that there are no scars and yet there is a larger, seamless heart beating anew. 

Christina is an aunt of 10 years. When she isn't in the company of her nieces and nephews, she enjoys being a newlywed, making a house a home, and dancing. 

Christina writes about the beauty of every day at Waltzing In Beauty.

All The Things I Never Knew - A Guest Post Series | Through Clouded Glass

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My Urban Family said...

This is so sweet and I love how much you clearly love being an aunt. My husband and I will likely be the first in "our generation" to have a baby so I'm interested to see how everyone adapts, but especially my younger brother and his younger sister.

Angela Tolsma said...

As a new aunt this is a fabulous post!

Paige Allison said...

Awww, I love how you love being an aunt!

Jess Andrienne. said...

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Michelle said...

You sound like my daughter Liz who also loves being Aunt Liz. It is a responsibility and one that shouldn't be taken lightly. They look up to their other members of the family. Loved this.

Vanessa Miller said...

I was an Aunt long before I was a mama and I think it helped prepare me for what was to come. My nephew is now a teenager and that's really preparing me!

Christina said...

Thank you so much. My husband went from being an uncle of 0 to 6 on our wedding. His only sibling just had their first so it's fun to watch him learning. It's also interesting for me to learn about being an aunt to a child of my in-law versus my own sibling. I'm sure I'll learn more things to add to this list!

Christina said...

Oh Angela, I hope it is helpful! You will love being an aunt! It just gets better as the years pass. Congratulations to you and your growing extended family!

Christina said...

Thank you, Paige. It is one of my favorite things. I am very blessed to live near most of my nieces and nephews and be an active part of their lives. My own aunts always meant a lot to me, but they all live far away, so it's more of a challenge to stay connected.

Christina said...

Thank you, Michelle!

Christina said...

You are so right, Vanessa!

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