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What I Never Knew About Being An Aunt

What I Never Knew About Being An Aunt | Through Clouded Glass

"We're having a baby!"

As those words fell joyfully from my sister's lips, I began a journey that has been one of my most treasured aspects of my life. I gained a title before my name and it changed my world. 

"You get to have all the fun of kids and at the end of the night you get to give them back!"

This is the tongue in cheek attitude towards being an aunt that everyone talks about, 

but there is so much more that no one ever discusses. 

What I Never Knew About Being A Working Mom

I am a mother who works. I didn’t intend to end up this way, but I didn’t avoid it, either. I never spent a lot of time deciding whether I should stay at home exclusively or split my time between chasing little kids at home and caring for sick ones in the hospital. Yet that is where I find myself, and I’m learning more about motherhood through my work than I ever realized.

I was lucky to find my way into the nursing profession, mostly as a skill to use working overseas. While my husband and I worked in Cambodia with a nonprofit for three years, we decided to have a go at parenting. We gave birth to our son, and I stayed home with him for the next eight months, until we moved back to the States. There really wasn’t another option. Daycare doesn’t exist in Cambodia, and I wanted those precious first months with him.

What I Never Knew Before Having Kids | A Guest Post

What I Never Knew Before Having Kids | Through Clouded Glass

Despite growing up a full-on Alabama Southern Belle, I never fantasized about my future wedding or played with baby dolls. I grew up with boy cousins and preferred to play outdoors. In my teens, I opted for waitress and desk jobs over babysitting. The thought of really getting married one day never entered my mind until I became serious about my husband in college.

I loved children, but not babies. This became more evident as years passed and all my friends started having babies. I relied on the Boppy® pillow to help me cradle the fragile life that was plopped in my lap whenever I visited a new mom. The scared and awkward look on my face revealed to my friend (and all of social media) that I was not comfortable with a newborn.

Your Husband Isn't Your College Roommate (And 4 Other Things I Never Knew About Marriage) | A Guest Post

Your Husband Isn't Your College Roommate, And Four Other Things I Never Knew About Marriage | Through Clouded Glass

Cards on the table: I don’t write this post as a sage, old, married woman. My husband and I are inching closer to our three year anniversary; a lifetime to go and countless lessons more to learn. Even still, if you’ve been married for over 24 hours you’ll know that this sacred union isn’t easy. Sometimes it’s downright hard. Difficult. Devastating. Sometimes marriage drives you to consuming a tub of ice cream alone on your couch, watching Love, Actually and wondering, “Why doesn’t he act like that?” (A purely hypothetical situation, you understand.)

What I Never Knew About Friendship | A Guest Post

What I Never Knew About Friendship | Through Clouded Glass

I like to think of myself as a "life long learner". That phrase was first introduced to me in a 100 level education class when I was a freshman at Wheaton College. I have always love learning - and the more I learn the more I realize I have yet to learn. So, when I became a mom a little over a year ago, I knew that there were lots of things I was going to be learning. One area I was surprised that I needed to learn about was friendship. I thought I had the making-and-maintaining-friendships thing down pretty good...but it turns out that there were a few things I needed to learn and re-learn during this past year.

Things I never knew about friendship...

36 Weeks - We Are Having A Baby This Month!

You know what I find annoying?  The way they, whoever "they" are, decided to move back the marker for reaching "term" in a pregnancy.  It used to be 36 weeks back when I was pregnant with Wyatt, and 37 weeks was full term.  Now I think 37 weeks is term, and 38 weeks is full term?  I don't know, I just know I have reached 36 weeks, which would mean I have reached term if this were four years ago!

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