Girl Defined (A Review)

I came across Girl Defined Ministries on Twitter recently, and I loved reading about their stand for biblical femininity.  Then I saw that they had written a book and requested to review it right away!

In Girl Defined, Kristen Clark and Bethany Baird (who are sisters) discuss God's design for women, and how that often clashes with our cultures expectations.   They tell their personal journey in discovering what God expects of us as women and His plan for living out our God-given femininity.  They address topics like gender roles, working outside the home, and relationships with grace and biblical wisdom.  I really appreciated how organized this book was as they discussed the three "pillars" of biblical femininity, and how those apply to life and the decisions we have to make as women.

The book is written in the tone of big sisters encouraging a little sister, and it was very easy to read - a book I looked forward to picking up.  I would say that target audience is probably late teens to early twenties.  However, I still got a lot of encouragement out of this book personally, even though I'm probably a bit older than the target audience.  Some of the topics they address are big enough to have their own books, but I liked how the Kristin and Bethany stayed focused on the big picture.  I was especially encouraged by the chapter on living in light of eternity, since that is something I've written about because it's so important.  I appreciated the reminder and encouragement to live to glorify God, because what we do here counts for eternity.

This is a book I'll be hanging on to for Gwen and Clarice when they reach their teenage years - some books are timeless, and I think the focus on God's design for women will be just as relevant in another 12-15 years when they will be ready for this book.  I'd definitely recommend it!

Note: I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for a review.  This is my honest opinion.
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