Stars Over Sunset Boulevard (An Audiobook Review)

I recently had the opportunity to listen to the audiobook of Stars Over Sunset Boulevard. by Susan Meissner.  If you follow my blog Instagram account, you are aware of my sudden discovery of audiobooks and how great they are!  I was excited to listen to this one.

Story: This is the story of two friends, Violet and Audrey, living in Hollywood in the 1930's.  They both have dreams, Audrey of becoming a star, and Violet of becoming a mother - and through this story we learn how far one of them will go to get her dream.

Narration:  The narration of this audiobook was great!  I felt like Ann Marie Lee's voice was perfect for the story, and I liked the southern accent she added for Violet's parts.  She added just the right amount of drama to the reading without going over the top!

Writing: Meissner has an interesting writing style, maybe a little wordier than I am used to, but she knows how to paint a picture.  I got a strong sense of time and place, the way she described the movie sets and studio where Violet and Audrey worked.

Thoughts:  I really liked this book overall, though at times it was painful to listen to - not because of the narration, which I thought was great, but because of the story!  I couldn't believe how my opinions of each character changed throughout this book!  I started out not liking Audrey as much, but as the book went on I liked Audrey more and started to dislike Violet.  Her reactions to things just became more and more self-centered, where at the beginning of the book she seemed more concerned about others.  It made me think a lot about my own selfishness, because in some instances I know I would have had some of the same feelings as Violet - and it wasn't pretty.  I wish the ending had addressed this issue of selfishness a bit more satisfactorily, but it was close enough for me.  I definitely recommend it!  It was the perfect book to listen to as I did laundry and housework the last couple weeks.

Note:  I received the christianaudio production of this work for free from christianaudio Reviewers Program in exchange for a review.  This is my honest opinion.
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