How I Am Marking The Years (A Gift Idea For Moms)

 (Note: I received the keepsake bracelet featured in this post from Teresa at The Keep Collective in exchange for an honest review.)

Do you have a way of marking the years?  

This month is my birthday, and I’ve been thinking a lot about different ways of marking the passage of time.  I think of myself five years ago on my birthday, and my life looked totally different.  Even my attitude was different!  You know how they say you don’t know how much you don’t know?  I don’t think that’s completely true.  I’m on my way out of my twenties, the decade of the “know-it-all”, and I realize more now how much I used to think I knew, but I really didn’t.  There is some wisdom in knowing what you don’t know, and not pretending you do know what you can’t, and I’m slowly learning that.

There is one thing I can always know - God’s Word is true.  On that I can stand.  Everything else changes as I age, until I sometimes shake my head at myself “x” amount of years ago.

But there are some external signs to the fact that I am not the same as I was five years ago.  I was a first time mom then, and now I have four kids.  The skin on my face is a little less smooth, the stretch marks more prominent.  The years pass, and each one looks a little different, and I start to want to mark them as they go by; to mark the years, the children, the memories.  All of it being used by God to show me how I need to grow and to teach me more about Him.  

I think that is what is behind the desire to mark the years.  I want to have something to remind me of all the ways the Lord has worked in my life, to help me tell of His faithfulness to future generations.  I want to have records, symbols, to remind me to pass these stories on to my children. 

This year, I want to mark the years a little better, to remember the grace of God in where I’ve been and where I’m going.  I might do this in different ways - maybe journal a little more, maybe work on actually filling those photo albums.  But I’ll tell you right now - I stumbled on a really fun way recently to remind me of God’s blessings as the years go by!  

A lovely reader, Teresa, introduced me to The Keep Collective, which is a customizable designer jewelry line.  You start with a “keeper”, which is a band of genuine leather or metal.  Then you can add different “keys”, unique little charms that you can add to your keeper band. 

What I like about Keep Collective is that you can create each piece with as much or as little symbolism as you want.  They have an amazing selection of keys, so you can go trendy and just get something pretty, be practical with a watch key, or you can choose pieces to represent different events or areas of your life.  The keys are removable, and the keepers are reversible, so you can customize it to be exactly what you want. There are all kinds of images on Pinterest, and also in this inspiration gallery, if you want to see the different ways you can change up your collection - but I warn you, it will make you want to buy everything!  Teresa was so helpful and showed me mock-ups of different keys and bands when I was trying to decide what I wanted (she can do the same for you if you are interested - email her at

I was looking for something that I could build on in the future, so I chose this gorgeous rose gold colored double keeper.  I picked the “blessed” key to add to it, because that is what I want to be reminded of each time I look at it - how many blessings the Lord has given to me.  My plan is to add a key with each of the kids’ birthstones, because my little family is my greatest gift from God aside from Jesus sacrifice on the cross!

Definitely check out Keep Collective if you are looking for a meaningful and versatile piece of jewelry, or if you want a gift for someone else that will be a keepsake that can be built upon.  These pieces are gorgeous, and I know I’m going to enjoy mine for years to come.

Do you have any favorite keepsake jewelry?  What are some ways that you mark the years?

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Hannah M said...

Callie, I LOVE this bracelet! It is so pretty and just perfect. How fun that you can add to it as the years go on.

Deborah Will said...

Cute outfit and jewelry.

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