How We Do Advent

Advent season is almost over, but I really wanted to do a little spotlight on our Advent Calendar this year.  I've had a few friends ask me this year what we do for Advent as a family.

The year we had Wyatt, Derek's brother, Jeff, and his wife, Rae, sent us this Advent calendar!  My sister-in-law is a master potter who is so talented, and she made the jars - and Derek's brother fashioned this cool rotating display for them.

We have one pot for each day of the month up to Christmas.  Every year before December 1st, Jeff and Rae send us a box filled with goodies to put in the calendar!  It's their Christmas gift to the kids each year, and it makes it so easy for Derek and I to do Advent, because we don't even have to think about putting everything together.

Each jar contains a paper with a verse on it and a chocolate for each of the kids.  I usually let the kids eat their chocolates while we read the verse and then talk about it (or sometimes we'll work on memorizing the verses, now that the kids are getting older).  And then some of the days also have an extra surprise in the jar.  

This year so far the kids have been surprised with coins for their piggy bank, a charitable gift in their names (which is great for talking about giving at Christmas time), and if it's a present day they will get a little card with a present number on it.  In the box of stuff, Jeff and Rae send numbered presents for each kid, usually four or five of them!  The kids get so excited about doing Advent each night, and when it's a present night everyone cheers!

(The kids got these jammies as one of their presents this year, and they were so excited!  I let them wear them exactly one night before I stashed them away for Christmas Eve.  You know, so we have fresh, clean jammies for Christmas morning? I didn't buy Christmas jammies this year, and my kids seem to ruin new pajamas after two nights, so I'm saving them.)

I love our Advent calendar, and I am so grateful to Jeff and Rae for putting it together for us every year.  It's a great way to focus on Jesus's birth and have some Christmas fun each night with the kids, and I honestly don't think I would be organized enough to do this every year without their help!

What do you all do for Advent, as a family?

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Gina said...

This is so so special. Do they sell these too or was it just a gift? I can see this being passed down for generations.

Brianne said...

I love that tradition! Those little pots are gorgeous.

Callie said...

Thank you! I love them. I'm so glad my sister and brother-in-law send us the stuff every year or I'm really not sure it would happen, but the kids love it!

Callie said...

I'm not sure if she sells these...she does sell a lot of dinnerware at shows where they live, but I tried to check her website and I don't think her online shop is up right now. It's

Emily Powell said...

I so love this. If they sold them I would buy one. Although I'm sure it would be so expensive for that level of craftsmanship!

Hannah said...

This is absolutely the best! Those little jars are perfect; I would look forward to opening one and reading the verse each night too! What a thoughtful gift of your brother and sister-in-law. I would love to have something like that, if only I were as talented as your sister-in-law!

Jessica said...


Elizabeth said...

That is so special that you have a one-of-a-kind Advent "calendar" that was handmade just for you! My mom made a candle holder with 25 holes that ran the length of the mantlepiece. We have a Jesse Tree that I've probably posted on my blog before. My husband made it out of felt and I made the little ornaments, but maybe the kids will make new ones someday. I like how the selected scriptures trace the coming of the Messiah through the whole Bible, starting with Creation and the Fall. We're not that consistent with it, though. Definitely not organized enough to have presents and projects for each day.

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