My Christmas Advent Playlist

Christmas time is HERE!  It's December.  No one can deny it anymore!

I am right on schedule with my Christmas preparation plan this year - which means I'm pretty much done!  I have a few presents left to wrap, but other than that December is looking free and clear.  I am looking forward to having a little free time to do some Christmas-y things with my kiddos and to work on my personal advent traditions, because all the Christmas "have-to's" are done!

One of my ideas for a personal advent tradition was to listen to a Christ-centered Christmas song each day in December.  So I went on a hunt to create a little playlist for myself, and I wanted to share it with you all!

Now, you may notice that my playlist does not include any Christmas classics, like "Silent Night" or "Away In A Manger".  And the reason for that is that I think we all have our own favorite versions of those classic songs.  We've probably also heard about every other version of them that there is and still we prefer our favorite versions.  So I'm not including any of those.  All of these songs are either original Christmas songs, or very old songs that you really don't hear that much anymore.

My Christmas music style...I like clear, meaningful lyrics; catchy melodies; and maybe a smidge of twang.  So this playlist includes songs from several genres, including country, pop, and indie sounds.  I even have a couple songs with a gospel flair to them (just give them a try, you might like it!).  In other words, don't expect a consistent musical style to this playlist.  

What you CAN expect from this playlist are lyrics that are either directly about Jesus and His birth, or take the Christmas fun we all love and artfully point you back to the true meaning of Christmas.  I've got fun songs and contemplative songs, and I don't guarantee that all of them are perfectly historically or theologically correct for you sticklers out there.  But I do think each song in it's own way will point your thoughts back to Christ - and that's the whole point of an advent playlist, right?  At least to me.

So turn on the Christmas lights, grab some hot chocolate, and enjoy these songs with whatever other advent tradition you may have!  I think I'm going to listen while I enjoy coloring this Christmas coloring book.  

Let the Christmas season begin!

What are some of your favorite Christ-centered Christmas songs?

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Emily grapes said...

aww sad, it won't let me listen to your playlist. I'll click on the play button and it opens my spotify but nothing comes up. :(

Rae said...

I love your playlist! What a great idea! My goal is to create a playlist too! I love you!

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