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Dear Candy Hearts, I love you.  I love you too much, especially with tea.  This has become a really unhealthy relationship.  I'm thinking of breaking it off on Valentine's Day.

Dear Galentine's Day, Are you actually a thing?  Like, do people actually get together with their girlfriends on Galentine's Day?  How do I get in on that?

Dear Husband, Why is it so hard to buy you presents?

Dear Snow, It's time for your mid-year performance review, and I have to say, your results are above average.  You've beautified the landscape, and you haven't melted off right away.  Keep up the good work.

Dear Red Rising Series, Why are you so hard to put down?  You are vulgar.  You are violent.  You killed off alot of the characters I liked.  You are everything I don't like in books.  If you were a human, we would not be friends.  So why can't I stop reading??

Dear Birds, Just sit.  Sit still.  Just for a minute, so my bird-crazy boy can get a picture of one of you. Please and thank you.

Dear Homeschooling,  You are so much more fun than I thought you would be when we first met.  And I thought you would be pretty fun.  Those days when I cried because I thought we weren't getting along, they were just a phase.  I didn't mean what I said.  If it happens again, just disregard.  In my saner moments (like now) I think there is something special here, and I know you can handle my crazy.  This relationship is worth fighting for.

Dear Churches Everywhere,  At the risk of being shouted down for dipping my toes into the broiling controversy of church music - my friend, it shouldn't be that hard to get the music volume level right.  It's not that complicated - I need to be able to hear the words and I need to feel like I can sing along.  If I can't hear the words or sing along, I fail to see the point of getting to you in time for the music.  If the music is too quiet, I hear myself sing too much, and realize I'd be one of those people that are laughed off the stage on American Idol, which is not fun for me or anyone around me.  If the music is too loud, I can't understand a word those people up front are saying, and I can't hear myself sing, and I can't hear anyone else sing, and I start to wonder what the point of all this noise is anyway, and I fear my eardrums may bleed when I leave.  Let's just try to avoid both these things, please.

Dear People Everywhere, Think of something more interesting to say about my five kids than "you have your hands full".  If I had a dollar for every time I heard that phrase, I'd never have to scrounge for coffee money again.  Preferably, pick something that is not rude, and bonus points if it's encouraging (because as you've noted EVERY DAY OF MY MOM-LIFE, yes, this is quite a job).  Comments on the cuteness of my offspring are always welcome.

P.S. People Everywhere, if you want to GIVE me a dollar each time you utter the aforementioned phrase, then please continue.  This mom needs her coffee.

(Moi on our nature hike the other day, powered by coffee.)

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Amanda said...

I just hosted a Galentine's party on Monday! There were about 12 of us from church, and it was fun!

Felicia said...

I just love this whole post :) Will you be my Galentine, Callie? ;) Which book are you on in the Red Rising series? I just read the first one a few years ago, but I want to finish the series this year so I want to re-read it before I continue on.

Elizabeth said...

That was a fun post! So, in Russia, it's called "Lovers' Day." Got kind of lost in translation there. Every time I bring it up, people think it's weird that I'm involving the kids??? Like, it's a family-friendly holiday? Considering it's in the middle of the workweek and my husband works until 9pm tomorrow...umm, yeah, my kids are my dates. Girl parties were the best in college, we PIGGED OUT on Valentine's Day...even girls with boyfriends would come. And making cookies with the kids is fun. Mine are 6.5 and 2.5 and it seemed doable, for the first time. Regarding church music: we share a building with many other churches who rent space. Another church moved into the space below us recently and we CAN'T HEAR our pastor because of this other church's worship time. Or put on a Sunday school lessons, for that matter. That's kind of a touchy subject, though-I feel like the loud volume kind of puts people in a trance which makes them feel like they're having a spiritual experience. Such a good point that it's lame when you can't hear the actual voices. It's corporate worship!

Bekah said...

What a fun post! I went to a Galentine's Day party once before I was married. It was such fun! I appreciated the friend who took time to put it together. I haven't gotten over having a Valentine of my own (and I hope I never do) so he has my full attention tomorrow!

Callie said...

How fun! I’ve never been to aGalentine’s party, though I always thought it was celebrated the day before or after Valentine’s Day? I agree, husbands should get all the love tomorrow!

Callie said...

Oh man, that music situation is way over the top! I would be so frustrated if I couldn’t even hear the sermon! I actually agree with you, I do think the noise level is a way to affect emotions - we went to a LOUD church last week, and I could feel the bass in my chest. I can totally see how that feeling could mimic emotion and make you think you were having a spiritual experience.

Callie said...

I will totally be your Galantine, friend! 😉 I’m on the third book, and I guess there is a 4th and a 5th one coming? I might take a break after this one, but the story is so interesting! I’m really invested in the characters now.

Callie said...

Ah, how fun! Someone who lives by me needs to plan one!

Rachel said...

I got a handful of messages from my girlfriends for Valentine's yesterday and it was pretty fun. My most consistent Valentine's tradition is love letters for all my siblings....most of whom are girls, so I keep that up! I like candy hearts, too!

Sarah said...

Every time someone from here finds out I'm from the north, they always say something about how I must be glad not to have snow anymore. I miss the snow so much! Keep posting snow pictures so I can live vicariously through you!

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