Is Summer Over Yet?

This post is a week overdue.

Last week I shot my mouth off on Instagram and assured you all that a long, chatty post would be coming in the next couple days.  And here we are, a week later, and I'm finally sitting down on my private balcony with my iced coffee to write.  And private balcony sounds all fancy-shmancy, but it's not even quiet because the kids are literally playing right below me and shouting "Mom, are you out here?".  But I'm here now, and that's what counts, right?

Summer And Me Are Not Getting Along Anymore

I feel like this promised-blog-post scenario is pretty emblematic of how the last month has been going for me.  Great intentions that don't quite come together.  I had such big plans for this summer and I don't understand why nothing is working out!

I was literally in tears the other night over this very thing.  It was a few days before the month of August, and Derek and I realized in a panic that we still had not booked our vacation that we were, in theory, leaving for in a mere three weeks.  So I spent the better part of two days researching flights/hotels/activities for multiple vacation locations.  I finally got our Florida vacation booked!  (More on that in a minute.)  

Turns out, Derek was busy during those same days ordering the mattress that we have been meaning to order for an entire year.  I knew he was doing this, and I was okay with this.  

But then fast forward to 10 o'clock at night (never my best hour of the day), when Derek reminds me that the mattress is getting delivered tomorrow. And I have not ordered a bed frame for the mattress to actually sit on, or bedding to actually cover it; and they are taking away our old bed so we will be sleeping on the floor, and I realize my bedroom will be in shambles; and I have a paid article that I now need to finish before we leave on vacation, not to mention cleaning and packing and shopping for said vacation, and we're leaving in two weeks, and oh my goodness I have wasted the entire summer and haven't done anything fun with my kids since June!

Cue the tears.

But after a good night's sleep, I remembered that I usually perform best when things get down to the wire.  I got all the shopping for bedding and vacation necessities done, and the bed is pretty much put together (except for a headboard, which will wait).  The article is mostly written now (I just have to put it together).  I'm halfway done with packing.  And I somehow managed to take my kids to the park one day, which probably qualifies as some sort of summer fun.

So it's coming together.

And all this explains why I am weirdly ready for summer to be over.  I finally understand what moms mean when they say that they miss the structure of the school year.  I need some external checks to keep myself motivated to get things done, and the routine of the school year does fill that role.  I used to enjoy the freedom of having no routine in the summer, but I'm over it now.

(Photos of my anniversary date outfit, back when I was still feeling thrilled about the summer.  Shirt and purse from Target this year, shorts from H&M, shoes from JustFab.)

Now, About Florida

Speaking of vacation, after checking to see where we could fly for the cheapest price, we finally figured out Orlando flights and hotels are ridiculously cheap in August.  

I guess hurricane season and 100% humidity scare some people off.

But after a brief discussion, we decided that we could make this trip work, so to Florida we will go!  Pray with me that no hurricanes blow into Florida this year, because we are mountain people and we are a freaked out by the idea of hurricanes with no truly high ground to retreat to.  

We are going to drive down to Miami first, and check out the Everglades and anything else cool to see down there.  (Suggestions for things we should see?)  Wyatt is particularly excited about seeing wading birds, since he doesn't get to see them in the mountains very often (at all), and I have high hopes that we'll see some unusual things that he can add to his birding list. 

(He wrote a list of all the kinds of birds that he has seen in the wild.  I didn't even ask him to, I casually made the suggestion and he practically shouted, "That's a great idea, Mom!"  I can't tell you how delighted I am by everything about this.)

After Miami, we'll head up to Orlando.  Cape Canaveral and the beach were high on our list.  I wanted to do Seaworld because I knew the kids would love seeing the marine animals.  But I do have a confession (prepare yourselves).

We almost considered skipping Disney.

I can hear the gasps reverberating throughout space.

The Whole Disney Thing 

I know alot of people are really into Disney, and it's supposed to be the most magical place on earth and all.  But I haven't been there in sixteen years, and my memories of it are a little vague and hazy.  I think I was too interested in spying out cute boys for Disney World to make much of an impression that year (that's a little embarrassing to admit, but I'm being honest here).  Nowadays, I am much more interested in the Everglades and the ocean and the Kennedy Space Center, and not so interested in standing outside in the brutal heat and rain, waiting in line for rides that are probably not as good as our local Six Flags anyway.   Not to mention paying out our noses for the privilege of standing in said lines.

But Derek said he doesn't feel like we can really go to Orlando without visiting Disney, and I couldn't really deny this for some reason.  Are you even allowed to go to Orlando without visiting Disney?  This is our main chance to take the kids to Disney World, maybe the only time we will ever be so close to going there.  And I do know the kids (the ones who are old enough to appreciate it, anyway) will be happy to go.

So we are going to plunk down the ridiculous price for six tickets and make it happen, although every second of that transaction will pain me I'm sure.

I am weirdly looking forward to the parade and fireworks though.  That stands out in my memory from the time we went there when I was eight.  

Probably because the scary Ursula in the parade pointed out me and my six-year-old sister and said we were "tender, sweet things", and I felt like she was threatening to steal our voices and turn us into those weird ocean plant-people, like in the movie.  We were both slightly flattered, slightly traumatized.

Somebody please talk Disney up to me.  Tell me the magic will completely win me over.  I will cling to your words while we are plunking down the $750+ dollars.

And Oh Yeah, School

One of the perks of homeschooling is that we are able to go on discounted trips in August when all the kids are back to the first week of school!  One of the downsides is that I'm not sure if we should immediately start back to school the week after we return from vacation.  I think I've settled on just starting in September and squeezing in extra days throughout the year so we can still finish on time.  To finish up by mid-May we would usually start in August, but I think we will need that extra week to recover from our trip and hopefully squeeze the last little bit of juice out of the summer. 

Not to mention that I also need the week to finish actually planning the school year.

If you are new to my blog, I promise I'm not usually so disorganized and crabby.  

It's just the summer, stealing my brain.

Are you ready for summer to be over yet?

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Meghan said...

You will love Disney! Set your expectations low and I think you will be pleasantly surprised. I totally get the longing for structure. I can't imagine how you're doing it... I only have three littles and I feel so exhausted every day. Each night I promise myself that I will be more present and relish the sweet, fleeting moments... but it isn't easy when we're on 24-7.
Wishing you an amazing family vacation with a ton of fun memories to make.

Emily Powell said...

Ahh...the gulf coast in August. I wish you luck! Haha. Kind of kidding. I've lived on the Gulf Coast most of my life and the weather makes me wonder why explorers were like, "yes, let's live here. I love humidity and mosquitos!" We didn't love Disney either. Over all the customer service was terrible but I wish you luck! Georgia was tall enough last summer to ride every single roller coaster the parks offered and went on every terrifying ride. The lines and the rain are the worst. I'm not sure how it became so popular. Honestly. Bring ponchos and sunscreen! You'll need it!

Maria Rineer said...

I am not ready for summer to be over. Disney was our family's least favorite vacation. In our circle of friends, soooooo many people LOVE Disney. I thought I'd love it like my friends do and we'd sit around and talk about how much we love Disney and can't wait to go back. Nope. We have a huge amusement park near us and I'll take that over Disney any day. I will be curious to see how you guys like it. I have the exact same shorts you're wearing in your pictures except mine are navy blue. I really like them ;).

Michelle said...

Not going to lie, I’m super jealous of your vacation! My beach trip with the in-laws did not feel like vacation. We were hoping to do something else this year, but after new windows and a new water heater, we’ll just enjoy our upgraded house instead 😂 I’m also ready for summer to
Be over! I’ve mostly enjoyed it, but the heat is getting to me and I’m also craving some structure.

Amanda said...

We went to Orlando over spring break with all of my husband's family. We did Legoland instead of Disney and it was great. The kids loved it, it was far more affordable, the longest line was 20 mins, the kids got in free with coupons, and we did the whole park in one day. I refused to pay out the nose for one day of Disney when my kids aren't even into any of the characters. There are so many amazing state parks where you can see manatees and other wildlife! I loved going to Homosassa Springs and Weekie Watchee when I was a kid visiting my grandparents. Hope you have a great time!

Rachel said...

Your upcoming vacation sounds so fun!! I did not expect to love Disney nearly as much as I did--I went to Walt Disney World for the first time at 22 and was blown away. Granted--I've learned that I like theme parks more than amusement parks...Disney is definitely not for everyone. I don't like really intense rides, but I appreciate rides with a lot of detail and fun things to look at, so for me, I way prefer the tamer Disney rides that splurge on scenery and detail compared to the intense-but-plain rides at Cedar Point or Six Flags. I was taken in by the differences in how lightposts, walls, and even sidewalks are designed to fit a particular "theme" in different parts of the different parks. I love watching the costumes and design of the parade performers and floats. That trip was about 5 years ago now and I still talk about it with my little sisters. :)
It was a lovely family vacation, and Angel wasn't even there since he stayed home to work. I like both city and nature trips, but I think different types of trips fit different seasons of life better. We had a very adventurous nature-based vacation in Thailand the year before Cyrus was born...but I don't feel very eager to take him to places where transportation has no seatbelts and where speedboats go a little too fast and caves are so narrow you have to belly-crawl. Not at this stage...

Amanda said...

Even though I don't really get a "summer" so to speak, I've really been enjoying longer days and outside weather. Some days are way too hot to want to be outside, but in general I've enjoyed sitting on the deck with the kids playing in the kiddie pool on the weekends and evenings. I'm not ready for summer to be over. Also my commute is so much better because there's no school traffic! I don't desire to go to Disney. I'm actually surprised tickets were as cheap as $750. I was under the impression it costs thousands and thousands of dollars for a trip to Disney. Jordan doesn't like crowds, and I'd just rather go somewhere else for the money. I know tons of people love Disney, but at this point at least I don't care to go!

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