On Celebrating Small Things

This past Saturday I spent most of the day away from the house.  I had some writing to do, and took some photos for a friend who asked, but between those two things I had an hour to kill.  I went to browse a bit at Target - a dangerous endeavor, but I hardly go there anymore unless I'm by myself.

I skimmed the dollar spot, and put a few fall things into my basket.  Decorative signs, and a couple garlands, and fall stamps.  With our late vacation this year, I have had a harder time feeling fall-ish, and I think my kids have felt it too.

This morning Derek has the day off for a holiday that most people don't celebrate, and some people consider politically incorrect.  Columbus was a fallen human being for sure.  No human "hero" is going to be untarnished, because we are all sinners.  But still it remains that if he didn't bump into new lands all those centuries ago, most of us wouldn't be sitting here, would we?

All this got me thinking about the value in celebrating, and in celebrating things that might not always be deemed worthy of celebrating by everyone.  When I think of celebrating, I usually think of Christmas, or birthdays. But what about just celebrating the changing of the season with a little more fanfare and gratitude?  What about taking a rather obscure holiday to honor a controversial figure, and pull the good out of it, and make a memory over it?

So today, I'm putting out the fall decorations I bought, thankful to the Lord getting us through to another season.  Not just for getting us through but showering us with blessings along the way.   We might go fishing later, because my husband has the day off, and maybe on the way I'll break out an Adventures In Odyssey or another audio drama about Columbus.  As a reminder to my kids of the value of an adventurous spirit, and of part of the story of how we came to be living in this beautiful country.

There is value in celebrating small things, if only in making a memory together and pointing to the Lord for His blessings to us that aren't always glaringly obvious.  Small celebrations are a practice in gratitude, and I would like to get a little better at that.

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Ashley said...

"Small celebrations are a practice in gratitude." YES. Love that.

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