That Time It Just Didn't Work

I've been debating with myself on how to handle Sundays during my 31 days challenge.  I thought I might write about what our pastor's sermon was about each week, or maybe part of my testimony.  But Sundays are typically restful family days, and I didn't want to put a burden on the day, so I thought I would just play it by ear.

This morning we went to church, and the plan was to visit my mom and dad in the afternoon, and take some quick family pictures in the fall colors.  I thought I would be able to whip together a brief but insightful summary of what I learned in church once we got home and finish with plenty of time left for a TV show with Derek.

Easy as pie, right?

Not so much.

I have never had such a hard time taking good photos of my family!  The light faded too quickly, my camera wouldn't focus or my settings were off, and the kids were not cooperating.  A couple of hours, multiple crying children, and a bag of M&M's later, and I got a very small handful of usable photos.  I couldn't even get a really good one of Georgie at all.

I was fighting a grouchy mood all the way home, and even now I am just shaking my head wondering what in the world went wrong!  So if you've ever told me "I don't know how you get such great pictures of all your kids!"...well, today I'm not sure how I've ever done that either.

I'm sure I'll always look back at this year's family photos as the year it just wouldn't work.

But I hope I also remember a little bit about how cute they all looked, despite the lack of documentation.  How tall and handsome Wyatt and Clyde were in their bomber jackets.  How Gwen and Clarice beamed when I told them how ladylike they looked.  How Georgie pronounced "I wook pwetty!" in her baby voice.

I hope I remember the way all the kids breathed a sigh of relief when I finally called it quits.  How suddenly the tears turned into laughter as they threw leaves in the air, on top of their heads, into the water.

The way it felt when Georgie leaned her forehead against mine and relaxed into my arms, a tear drying on her cheek and her chubby little fingers clutching a blue M&M.

How Derek let me vent all the way home about what a disastrous attempt at photos that was and sulk for a little bit, but didn't hold it against me.  How he wrapped his arms around me and assured me we could try again.

I don't have much energy left in me to be briefly profound about anything at the moment.

But I am so thankful for my sweet family that I didn't get any good pictures of today.

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Elizabeth said...

Sorry you had a frustrating experience, sounds like your husband was really supportive! I try not to put too much pressure on myself to do everything on the seasonal checklist. I mean, looking back at our childhood, the leaf photos are all pretty random. I tried to get the kids to go out in the fall weather recently, but they both melted down over their fall, could not locate a pair of pants, let alone match. And somehow we can't find LEAVES! They look pretty on the trees, but all the ones on the ground are trampled and wet and dirty. Where do people get pretty leaves? It seems like a reasonable idea, right? But sometimes it really just doesn't work out!

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