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I found myself stalking browsing some friends' Facebook pages the other day, and I decided to check the page of a girl I knew several years ago.  We reconnected on Facebook several months ago, and I had been thinking about asking her if she wanted to meet up for coffee or lunch, hoping to make a new friend.  

But as I was scrolling on her Facebook page I found a comment from somebody she knew, and I realized that since the last time I saw her she had spent some time serving in Africa.  

When I read that I suddenly felt a pang of inferiority - here was this girl, and obviously she had taken time to do some really great things for the Lord in Africa . . . and what had I really done for the Lord over the last 7 years since we had last seen each other?  All I'd done was gotten married and had babies.  

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that even though I never thought I would think such a thing, I had at least partially bought into one of Satan's lies - that motherhood doesn't matter.

Over the last seven years, I've never felt like I wasn't where the Lord wanted me to be.  So why do I assume the Lord would rather I had been in some other country serving Him when I believe He put me here with my husband and kids for a reason?

I think this is something that a lot of moms can lose sight of - your kids are your ministry.  And if you have kids, they are the greatest ministry you have.  We are called to be faithful with the little things, and even when it's hard to see the eternal impact in making macaroni and cheese and picking up little socks, what we do with this task of motherhood does matter.

I realized that I think the Lord had just called this girl and me to different things for that seven year portion of our lives.  The Lord called her to be single for those years, which allowed her the opportunity to travel and serve the Lord through foreign mission work.  He called me to stay here, get married, and have two beautiful children - the first steps in my lifelong mission to do my best to reach my kids for the Lord.

This isn't something to be brushed away as "not as important".  It is the ministry that God has given me for this season in my life, and I think He wants me to approach it just as seriously and passionately as any other ministry.  Because it is important.  

I don't want to minimize it.  I want to work and strive, give my kids my best, show Jesus to them, follow the call to be a missionary to my own kids, and trust the Lord to use that.  I want to be faithful with these kids that the Lord has given me, and I know He can use it in ways that I can't see.

Motherhood does matter to God.  He can use it even when it feels like I'm failing, or even when the work seems insignificant.  

I know this is right where He's called me to be.
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Emily Powell said...

Good post Callie! I've thought the same thing before when seeing other people have higher paying jobs or jobs that seem "high power".

Jenni Lynn said...

Callie, you are so right! It is very easy to think that bc I am not serving in Africa I am not serving, but it is so not true! My oldest daughter Maya has recently fell in love with a song that she wants to hear over and over, but I think it is the Lords way of making me here it over and over. It is called "do everything" by steven curtis champman. You should go listen to it! It is just a great reminder that even if I am sweeping up cheerioes for the 15th time that if I am doing it for the Lord that is what matters. It has been encouraging with the mundane day to day.

Melissa said...

Great post, Callie! So true!

Brittney Galloway said...

Always good to have people remind us that our children are our first disciples. I've also talked through this with several moms recently and I thought that a good point was this :

Most women should be able to handle more than one ministry- to look beyond their first calling of ministering to their children and husband and see how they can and should be ministering to the greater world.

Some can't, but most can.

Stephanie said...

Yes! This topic has hit me quite frequently as I've adjusted to my new role of being a mom. It really is important to view motherhood through a long term, eternal perspective rather than just the day to day scope that really can make what we're doing feel insignificant at times. And of course it's not just motherhood as in "being a mom" that is significant but really striving to use this calling in a way that glorifies God, to the best of our abilities.

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Such a beautiful post, Callie. :)

la petite lulu said...

Yes! So true. Motherhood is such an important role, I've never thought of it as a ministry but I like that wording! A friend said to me recently that at the end of her life, it doesn't matter whether her children are scientists or a hairdresser or whatever - so long as she has shown them God's love and done all she can to build up their faith, then her job is done. She won't measure her success as a mother on how successful they are in life with their career etc, but helping them on their walk with God is the most important thing.

Brittney said...

Oh is my heart ever with you on this one:) I have had such similar thoughts/feelings over the years! I love your inspirational, TRUE message..that motherhood is indeed one of God's callings. This post was such a wonderful encouragement.

Lauren said...

thanks for this amazing post...I definitely need this reminder on a regular basis!

Joyeful said...

I love how God works. I'm rarely on the internet these days (busy mothering!) but I was searching for photoshop actions and found your blog and this post is everything on my heart right now (including part about Africa). I have such a heart for missions and lately I've been longing with intensity to be on the mission field, serving the poorest of the poor. But God has me here right now discipling my children and this is just as important but yet so easy to lose sight of and easier still to feel inferior in. Thank you for this powerful reminder :) God Bless!

Kasey said...

I love this! Motherhood and being a wife is such an important ministry! I always remember my mom being there for us, teaching us about Jesus, and being a godly example of a follower of Christ to us kids. Her passion for her role as a mother was the most important thing she ever did for us! I can't wait to take on this role as a mommy some day!

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