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Persecuted by PaulMarshall, Lela GIlbert, and Nina Shea is a thorough look at Christian persecution in various countries throughout the world.  The book is written like a news report, and goes through 41 different countries that are of concern as far as persecution and religious freedom infringements go.

All I can say after reading this book is: wow.  I knew that Christians were persecuted throughout the world, but this book really explained the who/what/where of persecution for me, including some places that surprised me.  The countries that surprised me most were India and North Korea, along with Iran and Saudi Arabia.  I wasn't even aware of how much persecution goes on in India at all.  And I knew that North Korea, Iran, and Saudi Arabia had a lot of Christian persecution, but I didn't realize how restrictive and severe the persecution was.  

This book was very thorough and very factual, giving a lot of statistics mixed in with specific examples of persecution in each country.  But even though the text itself was very straight-forward, I found myself really thinking more about Christians in other countries and the great need they have for our prayers!  I'm thinking of re-reading this book and praying specifically for Christians in each country.

One other thing I got from this book is how I really don't have an excuse for not telling others about my faith in Jesus.  Here are these Christians in other countries who lose their jobs, their families, their freedom, and their lives for choosing to follow Jesus - and I'm afraid to tell someone what I believe because they might give me a funny look?  It really puts things into perspective.

I definitely think this is a book that every Christian should read, and praying for Christians who are being persecuted is something we all should do more of - and this book will inspire you to do that.

Note:  I received this book for free from Booksneeze in exchange for this review.  This is my honest opinion.

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