Verses For Labor [Printables}


Last December, before I had Gwen, I spent one afternoon looking up verses that I thought would be encouraging to me for when I was in labor.  I had seen a post on Faith's blog on her verses for labor, and I thought it was a great idea to focus on God's word during labor and delivery, so I got out my Bible and concordance and went to work.

I wrote my verses on little 4x6 inch notecards, and I even used colored pens to make them all fancy.  Little did I know that things would move so fast that I wouldn't even have time to use them!  
I do plan on keeping them and using them for my labor with my next baby (assuming we don't have another ambulance incident), but in the meantime I thought I'd share them here!  The first two are from Faith's list, and the rest I picked out for myself.

Feel free to steal these and use them for your own labor (or just anytime you need some encouragement).  I found that some of my favorite verses for life in general were also ones that I would want to focus on in labor, so I also suggest just grabbing your own Bible and going through all the verses you've highlighted in the past - you'll be surprised how many can be appropriate for labor!


If you want to use the images I made here, I sized them so they will fit on 4x6 cards.  Just click on the images you want and save to your computer!
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Laura Anne said...

Thanks for this Callie! I've passed the link to this post onto a few of my Jesus lovin' preggo friends! :)

Amanda said...

These are great, Callie! I look forward to using Scripture during my next labor (someday!).

Melanie said...

Great scriptures!!

Lyndsey said...

Thank you for making these Callie! I will be printing them off for sure!

Kate Craig said...

I wonder if your next one WILL be that fast! They're supposed to get faster, right??

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