5 Reasons To Read Aloud To Your Kids

When I was three or four years old, I had an entire Curious George book memorized. I used to sit down with the book, turn the pages, and recite the entire thing while my mom and dad listened (and chuckled to themselves about how adorable I was, I’m sure).
This is not a unique story – I have heard of many children memorizing the words of their favorite book and pretending to be able to read it themselves. As adults, we smile and chuckle at the fact that these little children, who technically can’t read, like to pretend that they can.
However, now when I hear those stories from the perspective of a parent, I also think about how the parents of those kids must be doing something right! If a child who can’t read has an entire storybook memorized, it must be because someone has read it to them, and read it to them many times. Those kids may not be able to actually read the words on the page, but they already have a head start with reading skills because someone is reading aloud to them.
I’m sure there are experts who could tell us about all the intricacies of the benefits of parents reading aloud to their kids, but these are few of the reasons that came to my mind…
Visit the Tommy Nelson blog to read the rest of my thoughts on why you should read aloud to your kids!
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Lauren said...

great post! Our new baby's name, Nora, came from the children's book I had memorized as a child...Noisy Nora! I love reading to Elyse, but I love it even more that she now reads aloud to herself!

Melanie said...

I agree! Makayla "reads" so many of her books..she has a lot memorized! It's amazing how quickly they remember things!

Susannah said...

<3 My littlest sister had the whole Madeline book memorized and it was the most precious thing! :-)

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