Going To Nashville


As you are reading this, I am probably on my way to the airport to fly to Nashville!

It kind of makes me want to burst out in song, but I don't know a Nashville-related song off the top of my head.  Let's see…

"Goooing to Nashville, and I'm, gonnnna meet Tommy Mommies . . ."

(You know, to the tune of Going To The Chapel?  I know, it doesn't really work.)

Lack of a soundtrack notwithstanding, I am very excited!  This week is the Tommy Mommy meet up - Tommy Nelson is flying out all of the moms who write for their blog, and they've got a bunch of fun stuff planned for us.  I am excited to see a new place and meet some of the amazing ladies who also write for the Tommy Nelson blog!

I also admit that I am eagerly anticipating getting a couple nights of uninterrupted sleep.  That hasn't happened in . . . I'm not sure how long.  But it's been a while.

I was thinking yesterday as I was packing that I think this is the first time that I have traveled totally by myself - and I think this will be the longest that I will be away from any of my babies since they've been born.  It makes me a little anxious, leaving them, even though I am sure they are going to have a ton of fun spending the night at Grandma's house, and then hanging out the rest of the time with Derek when he gets home.

Sometimes it can be good as a mom to get away for a little bit and refresh, but I find for me, it's not really the time away that does me the most good.  It's the time leading up to leaving my family.  I realize that I am not going to see them for a little while, so I enjoy every little thing a bit more.  Suddenly it doesn't bother me as much when one of them gets pumpkin all over my pants with little sticky fingers, or when one of them needs to be snuggled a little longer before going to sleep for the night, or when one of them wakes up and asks me to "sleep on my pillow" for a little while.

It's good to realize I am leaving them for a few days, because I remember that I don't really want to, not for long.

It's good to get away and rest up and get inspired, so I'm ready to come back and give them all my energy again.

And it's good to come back, because I missed them, and I remember how much I love this mom gig.
I love it even when everyone is crying all at once, and there are cheerios all over the floor, and I still haven't had a chance to shower this week, much less finish packing.

It's just fun being their mom.


I have a couple posts scheduled for early next week, but I'll get a recap of my trip up as soon as I can!  If you want a sneak peek, you can always keep up with me on Instagram!
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"B" said...

You are BRAVE! I don't think I can leave my babies! I left my oldest when I went to have my baby and I thought I was going to have a panic attack. It was bad. Plus the fact that my baby refuses all form of food except nursing from the source. You will have a great time and miss your babies I am sure. Enjoy your trip mama - You deserve it!

Susannah said...

Yay!!! I hope you have an amazing time!!! :-)

Lauren said...

have a great time! and good for you for taking the opportunity to have some time for yourself. I truly believe that spending some time away makes us better mommies when we're with them!

Melanie said...

Have fun and enjoy that sleep!!! Can't wait to hear all about it..LOVE Nashville..we went there on vacation many years ago and loved it!!

blessingsandlilacs said...

This sounds like so much fun and based on your instagram it looks like it was. What an amazing opportunity :)

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