7 Things To Save For A Baby Box

Sitting in a closet in my house is a plastic tub.  It doesn't look like much, but it's one of those things that always goes on the list of things I would take if we were evacuated for a natural disaster.  Because inside, carefully preserved by my mom, are keepsakes from my childhood.  It's my baby box.

It resides in my closet, but my baby box has been a part of my life for a while.  Growing up I remember how fun it was to open up our baby boxes every now and then and have my mom show us all the things she had saved from our baby days.  There were stories and memories to go with each item, and hearing the stories from my mom's perspective made me feel special.  Every time we opened it I looked forward to starting baby boxes for my kids one day, and maybe giving them a few of the things from mine. 

Now I have four children, and I have little baby boxes started for each of them. What do you put in a baby box?  I'm glad you asked.  These are a few basics that I have included in my kids' boxes.



We take so many pictures of our kids these days, but so few get printed up.  I recommend taking a picture of your darling with each of the following items and including the photos in your box! It's so interesting to look at some of the things in my own baby box, and then see pictures of myself as a baby with those same items.  So print up a few of those pictures, and tuck them in your child's box.

Coming home outfit.  

We have two boys and two girls, and even though we are utilizing the hand-me downs, one thing I do not re-use is my kids' going-home outfits.  For each of the kids I bought a special outfit after finding out the gender specifically for them to wear home from the hospital, and when they outgrew it, it went into the box.

Baby book.  

Do I forget to fill things out some of the blanks in baby books?  Yes.  But I do try to write down as many milestones and memories as I can.  I don't think it matters if every blank space is filled - they kids will love to read about themselves as babies someday.  Hint: baby books don't have to be fancy or perfect - a notebook with a few memories is just as special!

Magazine or newspaper from birthdate.  

It's just fun to see what the world was like when you were born!  Include some publication from the year your kids were born that they can flip through (and maybe laugh at) someday.

Something from the nursery.  

This could be a special blanket that you made or bought, personalized artwork, a monogrammed item - anything that holds significance for you.  Bonus point if it's something your child can use for their own kids one day!

Favorite baby toys.  

Anything that your child particularly enjoyed at one time and that you would like to keep can go in the box.  Don't go crazy - you can't keep everything!  But it's nice to include a few of their treasured toys.  In Clyde's box we have a wubbanub that he was particularly attached to when he was a newborn - it was a short-lived phase, but I had to keep it!

Baby shoes.

There is something incredibly precious about baby feet.  Baby shoes are the perfect thing to include because it is a symbol of just how tiny they were at one time, and how much they have grown!  

If you are looking for the perfect baby shoes for your little darling, I have a great shop for you!  We just received these adorable shoes for Clarice, and I am just in love with them!

(Note: We received this pair of shoes for free in exchange for a review.  This is my honest opinion.)

These little shoes are called Moccasinis, hand-crafted baby moccasins from this new Etsy shop.  These are soft, flexible baby shoes, so they are comfortable and gentle enough for even brand-new babies to wear.  They come in tiny sizes (like these that fit Clarice's three-month feet), up to toddler sizes!  Jessica, the owner of Moccasins and my friend, was even able to make these so they fit Clarice's itty bitty feet exactly.  You can check out the Moccasini shop here to see all the styles, or follow on Facebook to keep updated on new inventory!

As I said, I know the owner of this shop personally, and she does beautiful work - these shoes are so well-made.  There are many different styles to choose from, for baby girls and boys.  I am going to cram Clarice's feet into these as long as I can because they are so cute - and when she outgrows them, they will be a perfect reminder of just how tiny her feet were when I dig them out and look at them when she's grown!


Even though my heart breaks a little each time I put something inside it, I am looking forward to sharing these baby boxes with my kids someday.  I treasure each of these little days with my babies, and I hope someday they can look through their boxes and know how much I love them and treasure every minute I have with them.

Are you creating any sort of keepsake box for your kids?  
What do you put in your kids' boxes?

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RandomlyYaya said...

I love those little shoes. I don't have any children, but if I did, I love the idea of the baby box

Holly said...

Oh my goodness! Those little shoes are the sweetest things! Wish I still had a baby to wear them!!!

Emily said...

These shoes are darling! What a special thing to keep. You will enjoy taking them out and holding them someday. :)

I have so much trouble with onesies and flannel sleepers. I would put those in a baby box. I'm with you on the heart breaking. It happens every time I put them away!

Shann Eva said...

Those shoes are just adorable! I wish I would have had them when mine were that little. They would make a great baby shower gift. I have scrap books started for each of my boys, but I haven't gotten very far.

Jessica @ Sweet Little Ones said...

We saved the little hats each of our babies got at the hospital as well. :) Oh, those shoes are so cute! It makes me hope I can have another little girl someday! How sweet! -Jessica

Kate Walton said...

What fun shoes! I love going through our old boxes too. They are more life boxes than anything. I keep a journal for each of my daughters but having started their boxes yet.
I love the idea of actually printing them some pics! I'm going to start with that and print my favorite at the end of each month! (Hold me accountable) haha! PS- would love for you come link up! Http://www.akreativewhim.com/refreshed-100-hd-16

Michelle said...

Cute feet, cute shoes and a cute picture. Checking these little toes out for sure.

Keri Snyder said...

These are the cutest! Love them!

Elizabeth said...

Lock of hair...pregnancy test...ultrasound...hospital bracelet...footprints from the hospital. As well as all the cards we got from the baby shower/after the baby was born. Handmade gifts are special too, of course.

Amanda | Maple Alps said...

This is such a beautiful idea!! I'm definitely saving this for later! <3

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