Three Reasons To Celebrate Valentine's Day

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Did you know that people actually throw “I Hate Valentine’s Day” parties? 

I have seen the idea portrayed in movies before, but I didn’t realize it was an actual thing.  I can understand how some people might dislike the holiday.  Some might think it is just another marketing opportunity for candy, card, and gift companies, and some people are opposed because all the focus on romantic love highlight’s singleness in a painful way.

I can understand those arguments, but I can’t share the feeling - and not because I have never experienced a single Valentine's Day.  I have spent more Valentine's "alone" than with a significant other (I can only say that for ten more years).  But even through those years when the pressure to have a boyfriend was on, I didn’t hate Valentine’s Day.  

A big reason I don't mind the holiday is that when we were growing up my parents always made an effort to make it a good day for us.  I have a lot of happy memories of Valentine's Day. As children my siblings and I made cards for each other and for our parents and wrote encouraging notes inside.  My mom bought candy hearts once February hit, and my parents always gave us a little gift on Valentine’s.  It was another opportunity for fun in our family, and I love that my parents didn't allow it to be a day to dread, even before that Valentine’s Day when I actually had a date (with my future husband, no less).

Now, as a parent myself, there are three reasons that I still think Valentine’s Day is worth celebrating with my children.

1. Valentine’s is an opportunity to show anyone that we love them.

I think the biggest thing my parents taught me about Valentine’s Day is that it can be an opportunity to show love to everyone in your life.  This holiday doesn’t have to be restricted to romantic love unless you let it be.  As my kids have grown big enough to start appreciating crafts, we have started to make valentines for each other and extended family - Valentine’s Day is a natural opportunity to tell our family and friends what we love about them and bring a little encouragement to their day!

2. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to teach our children to put value on marriage and family.  

In today’s culture, it is no longer a given that people will grow up to value marriage and family the way God intended.  Valentine’s Day isn’t just a greeting card holiday - it originated when one reverend, St. Valentine, valued God’s design for family enough that he married couples against the emperors’ orders. Scripture tells us that he who finds a wife (or husband) finds a good thing (Prov. 18:22), and that children are a reward (Psalm 127:3).  God designed people to be part of a family unit, and most people are called to serve Him in the context of family.  Valentine’s Day is a chance to remind our kids of the blessing that marriage and children are.  They will already be thinking about romantic love anyway, so this is a great chance to redirect those thoughts to support God’s design.  Take some time to thank God for your own family and pray for your children’s futures.  Of course, kids are always watching, so be sure to treat your spouse and children like you value them every other day of the year too!

3. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to point our kids to the One who loves them best.  

No human can love our children perfectly - not some mysterious Prince (or Princess) Charming, not friends, not even us.  Jesus is the only One who can love our kids perfectly and completely, and they will never be fulfilled until they learn to place their hopes for love in His hands. Remind your kids on Valentine’s Day how deeply their Heavenly Father loves them!  Sing “How Deep The Father’s Love For Us” or “The Love Of God” - two of my favorite hymns about God’s love for us.   Post Bible verses about God’s love around your house on heart-shaped construction paper. 

You can also read them a book that reminds them of the character of this great God who loves them.  A book that I have my eye on for this is I Am by Diane Stortz, which goes through the different names of God and what they mean.  What a great way to reiterate to kids the character of God as we also talk about His love!  It is amazing to be loved by the mighty God of the Universe.  Turn their focus to Him and they will never have a reason to hate Valentine’s Day.

What are your feelings about Valentine's Day?  Do you celebrate it as a family?

*Note: This post is sponsored by Tommy Nelson.  All opinions are my own.

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Susannah said...

You're absolutely right! Valentine's Day is not just about romantic love!!!! I've loved celebrating Valentine's Day ALWAYS! <3

Callie Nicole said...

Me too! Valentine's is one of my favorites - it's such a nice holiday to break up the late winter!

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