Thin Ice (A Review)

Figure skating is one of my favorite sports to watch - maybe because it is so far out of the range of anything I can do.  I can't even ice skate, at least not well.  I blame my weak ankles, but my lack of coordination could also play a part.

You also know that I love a good suspense/mystery, so combine that with a figure-skating main character, and we have a winner!  Thin Ice by Irene Hannon opens with Christy Reed finding out that her sister, who was thought to have died in a fire, may not be dead after all.  When she gets a note from a kidnapper, she contacts the FBI and meets Lance McGregor.  As the notes keep coming, Christy and Lance try to figure out who might be playing this cruel game.

This book interested me from the beginning and was a page turner at the end, but to be honest the middle lagged a little bit for me.  It didn't feel like much happened in the middle of the book except dialogue and some light romance.  A lot of the book was also from the perspective of the killer, a psychopath, and while I think this can be an interesting way to write a suspense book, the killer was so cruel and creepy that it was a bit much for me.

That said, the plot was interesting, and I liked getting to know the characters in this book.  Thin Ice is the second in this series, and so we get glimpses of Lance's brothers, who I assume are main characters in the other books.  I would be interested in reading the other books in this series as well after reading this book.

Note: I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for a review.  This is my honest opinion.
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