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Wearing: These new duck boots that I ordered here.  At first I felt a little clunky in them.  But I know they will be great for ice and snow this winter, so I kept them and they've been growing on me!

Drinking: Coffee with a splash of half-and-half.  Derek and I made a no-fancy-coffee pact for the month of November, and I'm trying my hardest to stick to it.  It is embarrassing how much I can spend in one month on just coffee!

Picking: Rock for behind the new wood stove that Derek is installing this week.  Our old house had a wood stove, and I loved that thing.  It added a coziness to the living room and was a life-saver when the power would go out.  I could even cook on it!  We decided we wanted one in our new house too, but I had a terrible time picking out the rock for it.  Our old wood stove had this really pretty grayish natural rock behind it, with lichen even growing on the rock, and it was so pretty.  But real rock is expensive, and fake rock doesn't grow lichen.  I made a decision though, and Derek took the week off to get the rock up!  It's going to look good I think.

Reading: Long Before Luther by Nathan Busenitz. The subtitle is "tracing the heart of the gospel from Christ to the Reformation", and it looks really fascinating!  I just started it.

Preparing: For the girls' birthday party this Saturday.  I have struggled for a long time on how to handle birthday parties with five kids.  Five individual parties each year was out of the question, but I also didn't want them to never have a birthday party during their growing up years.  I still don't know exactly what my plan is, but this year I decided we'd do one combined party for the girls, and one for the boys in the spring.  The girls requested a "princess tea party" birthday.  I just ordered candy canes so I can hot glue the curved part onto plastic cups - you know, to make little "tea cups".  I'm fancy like that.  Hey, you would be shocked how hard and expensive it is to find a basic teacup these days, so I had to improvise!

Feeling: Like I need next week off after all this party prep.  But moms don't get vacation time.

Trying: To be more consistent in my Bible reading.  I typically wake up before the kids each morning to read, which works great when I can make it happen.  However, I'm finding that other days the kids pull me in a million directions right after I wake up, which leads me to sometimes forget.  I've been feeling especially spiritually weary lately, and I know it's because I haven't had enough consistency in my daily quiet time.  This week I've been settling the kids with their breakfast and sneaking away while they eat, and that seems to be working better!

Following: Speaking of Bible reading, I started this Bible reading plan in earnest, and I am loving it.  It's been a while since I tried to read the Bible within a certain time frame. At first I was a little intimidated by the sheer volume of reading each day.  Now that I'm into it though, I am loving reading bigger chunks of Scripture at a time.  Going in-depth with one section is important and meaningful, but I'm at a stage in life where increasing the quantity of Bible reading is more doable.  The name is fitting, "keeping the feast".  I feel that way right now when I finish reading for the day, like I've had a feast.

Sporting: A new hair color!  I tried to edit this photo to make the color the most accurate. It's basically a little darker and richer than my natural color, and on my previous honey-highlights, it has a red-maroon tint.  Last winter I went with straight-up burgundy hair, so this is a subtler version of that.  I'm told it will fade out really well, and I'm liking it alot!

Wondering: If you've noticed that my blogroll in the sidebar has expanded a bit?  I found a few new blogs lately that I'm enjoying!

Considering: A social media break.  I took a Facebook break for the month of December last year, and it was so lovely.  This year I'm considering taking a break from Instagram too!  Just trying to figure out logistics of how to still share blog posts and still get Christmas photos printed into books easily (since I normally use Chatbooks connected with my Instagram).  Question: how do you typically read this blog?  Do you come to new posts through social media, or do you use a blog reader, or just type in the url when you want to read new posts?  I'll put a poll below.

Listening: To Christmas music.  Yes, I am.

Watching:  Derek and I recently re-started watching The Middle from the beginning.  We were watching Blue Bloods for a while, but we needed a break from drama.  In general we are more comedy-type people, and we relate to the Hecks!  Maybe you have to be from a certain type of family to appreciate that show, because the only people I know who have loved it as much as we do are other members of my family...but we all find it hilarious.

What have you all been up to?

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Ashley said...

Love your new hair color!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I think the idea of a girls party and a boys party is nice, and the way you're making the teacups is adorable and seasonal!

Love your new hair color - very pretty. :-)

I love the show The Middle. I definitely relate to the Hecks in a lot of ways.


crackercrumblife said...

Those boots are adorable! And I am with you on that fancy coffee! We have been trying to limit it to one on Saturdays together as a treat. Lol.

Elizabeth said...

I'm shocked that teacups are hard to come by! I feel like tea parties are so trendy nowadays, especially in the homeschool world. But that is a rabbit hole I probably shouldn't go down at this late hour. I love the rock installation, looks great! I have your blog saved in my sidebar, really handy. This month I am doing a walking challenge with my online fitness forum. I've been listening to a little Christmas music but haven't gotten that urge to get out everything Christmasy yet.

Chantel said...

Your hair looks great! Also, I hear you about finally following a Bible reading plan, I've never read through the Bible cover to cover and at the beginning of October I decided to read through before the end of the year. I'm over 1/3 through and have stuck with it further than any other time I've tried! Unfortunately it's a lot of reading in one day which can be difficult with kids around but I've managed to stick with it/make it a priority. Oh, and I generally read blogs via a reader on my phone but then come to the actual site later on my computer to leave comments cause I'm terrible at typing on my phone. It's not a great system but I haven't come up with anything better yet.

Chantel said...

I forgot that I wanted to add that I did a social media fast (Instagram and Facebook) for six weeks last year from mid-December through to the end of January and it was great! I'm contemplating doing it again this year.

Bella Easterbrook said...

That book sounds really interesting, I love church history! And that's a great idea of having a combined party for the girls and one for the boys. How gorgeous to make candy cane teacups!

Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

I love your hair color and the boots! And can't wait to see how the stove turns out--sound so cozy for winter!

Anne said...

Boots always make me feel clunky... but good ones are a necessity around these parts! Yours look really cute though, as does the hair. Hope the birthday party is a blast, and thanks for linking up!

Jinjer-The Intrepid Angeleno said...

I remember getting a child's tea set when I was little and washing all the tiny cups and saucers and things in the bathroom sink.

I love The Middle so much! Every single episode was hilarious. I miss it.

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