What I Really Thought Of Stitchfix

I have always liked shopping for clothes.  I like trying out different styles in a dressing room, and I like finding a good deal.  

However, since having kids I find myself enjoying clothes shopping much less than I used to.  It's just not as fun to try on new jeans while reminding my kids to "sit right outside the dressing room door", and "please don't pick on your sister", and "it's your brother's turn to play a game on my phone now."  So I find myself ordering a lot more things online.

When Stitchfix came on the scene a couple years ago, it felt like every blogger was trying it.  I thought it looked interesting, but I still ended up shopping for myself most of the time.  Last year for my birthday though, my sweet friend Ashley gave me a gift card to try Stitchfix!  I put it off for quite a while because I was still not feeling like my figure had equalized after having Georgie, but finally this fall I created an account.

What Stitchfix Is

In case you've been living under a rock (or just don't follow any fashion bloggers), the way Stitchfix works is that you pay a $20 "styling fee", they send you a box of clothes that they think you will like, and then you choose what you want to keep and send the rest back.  If you keep something, that $20 styling fee applies toward your purchase. 

Worth noting here is that if you choose to keep nothing, you lose the $20 styling fee, and the fee is also charged per box they send you.  I did not realize the fee was charged per box at first and was confused when my gift card balance dropped by $20.  I contacted customer service though, and they refunded me the $20 because of the confusion, which was really great of them.

After each box you give them feedback so they can try to send you items you will like better the next time.

My Experience

I requested three boxes from Stitchfix before I spent all of my gift card money.  The pictures in this post are with items from my first box (I ran out of time to take photos of the second and third boxes).  I thought the first box was pretty close to my usual style.  The red top was really "me", the sweater and shirt were super soft, and the earrings were gorgeous!

(Items: red shirt and jeans.  Shoes are mine.)

The only thing that I didn't like were the jeans.  Every pair of jeans they sent me, in all three boxes, were too loose in the waist, so I probably should have sized down.

I ended up not keeping anything from that first box, even though I liked the items they sent me.  It was mostly fit and price issues.  Some of them fit fine, but didn't "wow" me enough to spend the moneyon them.  The sweaters and shirts ranged from around $40-50, the pants were probably around $50, and the earrings were $30.  (I should have kept the packing slips they sent me so I could have given you exact prices - I'm sorry about that.)

The second box they sent was filled with half hits, half misses.  I received a shirt (around $40), a dress (around $55), jeans ($50), a pair of green ponte pants ($45), and a short-sleeve sweater ($40).  I liked the green pants and the sweater, but once again - they didn't "wow" me enough to pay that much.  Thankfully I had requested an "extra" with this box, a pretty bralette with thin straps that would work well under a lot of my own sweaters, so I ended up keeping that.

The last box was by far the best!  I received a cute pair of leopard print duck boots ($70), a yellow sweater ($40), a black shirt with pretty details ($40), another pair of jeans ($50), and a black quilted moto jacket ($80).  I loved every item in this box, except the jeans because of fit issues again.  The detail on the black shirt was cute, the boots were fun, and I loved the jacket.  But as I sat there trying to decide what to do, I realized I would never pay that much for these particular items in a store.  I would wait for a sale, or see if I could find a similar item elsewhere for cheaper.  In the end I decided to send everything back.  Thankfully I had ordered another "extra" bralette with the last box, so I purchased that and didn't lose my last $20 on the styling fee.

(I might have enjoyed playing "fashion blogger" for a day, ha!  Derek took these photos for me, so I guess he got to play "fashion photographer" too.  Items: cardigan and earrings.  Dress and boots are mine.)

Are You Noticing A Theme?

Overall, I was impressed with the fact that most of the pieces they sent me did actually fit my style pretty well!  I really liked almost everything they sent me.  I was very skeptical that they were going to be able to pinpoint my style with only a few questions on their site, but they did a pretty good job!  How can I get a job as a stylist?  I think that would be super fun.

(Item: gray shirt.  Pants and shoes are mine.)

When I filled out the questionnaire, for most items (except jeans and outerwear), when asked the price I was willing to spend, I selected "the cheaper the better".  I had heard Stitchfix items were a little pricier than what you might find at Target or JC Penny, and I found that to be true.  Even with selecting "the cheaper the better", I still found that most of the items were more than I would usually spend.  I shop clearance quite alot, and I shop at less expensive stores, so I'm used to lower prices for items like the ones they sent me.  I probably won't request another box unless I decide I want another bralette, just because my style description should probably include the phrase "won't spend more than $30 on a top, because she knows she can get a cute sweater for $15 at Walmart".

However, there is the convenience aspect to consider as well.  For people who don't like to shop for themselves, or for whom shopping is very difficult, or people who don't like to spend a lot of time browsing online, I think paying a little more than normal for the service would probably be worth it.

And it's worth it to try it if you're curious too!  I had so much fun filling out my style profile, and when they sent me a box it was exciting to open it.  It felt like a present since I didn't know what would be in the box!  I'm so glad my friend gave me a gift card, because I probably never would have tried it on my own, and it was a fun experience!  

My advice if you try Stitchfix would be to always include an extra that you know you could purchase with the $20 fee if you end up not wanting to purchase any of the other items they send.  I recommend trying the Free People barrettes, obviously.  I have two of them now, and I really like them!

Have you ever tried Stitchfix? What did you think of it?

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Chantel said...

I appreciate your honest thoughts here! I've never tried StitchFix but my reservations have always been the things you shared, mostly that the clothes are just way more expensive than I would ever buy. I'm a sales rack and thrift store shopper most days so I can't imagine spending more than $20 on a shirt! The clothes always look cute though!

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