Sunday Quotes | Vol. 2


"It's been my experience that you can nearly always enjoy things if you make up your mind firmly that you will.  Of course, you must make it up firmly."

-Anne Of Green Gables


Don't you just love Anne?  Lots of good quotes in those books, aside from the obligatory October one!


As you read this, I am flying back from a quick trip to Montana for my cousin's wedding!  It's a whirlwind trip and I'm sure I'll be exhausted, so we'll see how my 31 Days Of Small Things project goes this week.  Here are some of the topics I'm hoping to get to (if you paid attention to the schedule last week, you know I probably won't follow this - but having it written out helps me to stay at least a little on track).

Monday: What Happened To Hobbies?

Tuesday: The Value Of Creating Tangible Things 

Wednesday: Are Social Media Breaks Effective?

Thursday: Our Cleaning Habits And Routines 

Friday: Find Yourself A Hobby: How To Start Dabbling In Photography

Saturday: To be determined...

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