Sunday Quotes Vol. 3


"No human being should learn from another. Each individual should develop his own powers to the uttermost, not try to imitate those of someone else."

-Agatha Christie, via Hercule Poirot, Lord Edgeware Dies

I read this quote yesterday, and it really amused me.  No human being should learn from someone else - that's not a view you hear often, is it?  I don't think I totally agree with that part, but I think what it's getting at is to not compare with someone else.  I like the sentiment of playing to your own strengths and talents instead of trying to imitate someone else's.

Speaking of quotes and books, I'm going to a library sale today!  Any authors I should look out for?


Here's the maybe-schedule for the week!

Monday: Our Cleaning Habits And Routines

Tuesday: Find Yourself A Hobby: Photography

Wednesday: Instagram And Bloggers: Some Thoughts

Thursday: Reading: Pastime Or Hobby? 
(Note: A blog friend raised this question after my hobby post, and I had already written this topic title! It's a question, that.)

Friday: Bullet Journaling: How I Do It

Saturday: Thoughts On Family Culture

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