Another Go At Memory-Keeping

I often wish my memory was better than it is.

I have family members who can recall the exact dates that things happen, or concur up details that don't even come to my mind until they are mentioned.  Sometimes I'll smell something, or hear a song, and those sensory things jog my memory, but it dances on the edge of my brain and I can never quite grasp it.  Big events stand out to me, but it makes me sad that so many little things go unremembered.

A couple years ago I embarked on my first ever 31 days project to write about memory-keeping.  The 31 Days Of Writing project was actually an organized event for bloggers to attempt to write every day in October about one topic.

I started this project for the first time when I was hugely pregnant, not even sure I would make it to the end of the month.  I almost did, but my attempt to write every day was still foiled in the best way, by the birth of my fifth sweet baby.

Alas, the 31 Days Of Writing event has been officially ended, and there is no longer an organized linkup for bloggers.  But the spirit of the challenge was still a good one, and despite it no longer being a "thing",  I'm kind of itching to give it a try again.

And I kind of want to choose the same topic as last time: Memory-Keeping.

The reason I originally tried to write every day for a month about memory-keeping still applies.  It's the same reason I've been recording memories on this blog for the last eleven years.  My brain too easily forgets the little things, and sometimes those little details are the stitches in a much bigger picture that reflects God's providential hand in my life.  It makes it easier to see the big picture when I have the little details written down somewhere.

So this month, I'm trying 31 days of writing again, about this familiar subject.  I'll write about little things I don't want to forget right now, maybe about some of the mechanics and struggles of documenting memories well, maybe about my own memories from childhood.

Memory-keeping is a broad topic, and encompasses a lot of what I already write about, so that makes it feel like a manageable challenge.  But writing every day makes me dig a little deeper, pay attention to the little joys in my life more.  October seems like a wonderful month to remember those little good things.  It will focus my heart leading into the month when we give thanks to the Giver of all good gifts.

So yes, I hope you'll follow along, or join in if you always wished you had tackled the 31 Days Of Writing project while it was still a thing.  It's still a thing here!


To kick off the month, I wanted to share a few of my posts from my last attempt at writing every day in October - these were my most popular posts last time!

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Bekah said...

I am so glad you are doing this! I looked yesterday to see if the 31 days project was still going. I have never done it as part of the organized party, just because I blog every day all year anyway, and I couldn't break into some of my standards for a theme. But I have LOVED reading the series and am exceedingly sad it is over. I have pretty strong feelings about it, but they are perhaps best kept inside. Having said that, I'll be here to read your series!

Ashley said...

Love this! I did a 30 day blogging challenge last June and it was challenging, but so fun. Looking forward to reading your posts!

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